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Awed by nature's priceless gift

A tropical paradise, the Philippines is truly blessed with some of the richest biodiversity of flora and fauna many of which are endemic to the country. Its unique terrestrial habitat contains more than 10,000 species of plants that can only be found in this Asian natural sanctuary. The isolation of the Philippines from the rest of Asia explains its unique biodiversity and endemism that surpasses other well-known biodiverse regions.

Such floristic richness has made the Philippines a home to many native superfoods, the health and medicinal values of which have been proven generations over. In the heart of this abundance is the tree of life The COCONUT—christened to be so because of the multitude of food and non-food by-products that are derived from its various parts. The coconut plays a vital role in creating a global healthy ecosystem from stabilizing the soil to purifying the air to supporting the wildlife to providing essential food. Undoubtedly, its popular, delicious, versatile and nutritious fruit is a source of many health benefits.

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For years, Filipino dishes are made by making use of whatever ingredients they can find around the places. And since coconut is naturally and well grown in the country, it has become part of Filipino life as food, and livelihood, too. Coconut oil for one is a common kitchen sight in Filipino homes. As a leading coconut producer, the Philippines is the biggest exporter of coconut oil in the world. Traditionally and for ages, Filipinos used to make coconut oil manually by grating and squeezing the coconut meat and heating the coconut milk until the oil comes out of it not only for cooking but for medical care, hair and skin nourishment and more. While machine-processed coconut oil is readily available in the supermarkets today, there are still among Filipinos who make coconut oil the customary way.

But there is more to coconut oil.

Inspired by wonder within wonder

The rosy yields of coconut oil especially its health usefulness and our desire to present a life-changing offer for a life-worth living had given birth to a super supplement from this superfood in the form of—COCONUT MCT OIL.

Normally people tend to eat foods rich in carbohydrates including sugars to sustain the energy that the body and brain need. The result its not only bigger shape and weight in us but also illnesses that come with certain foods and eating too much of them. And we thought that this is where we can make something better for the people.

Most dietary sources of fat such as fish, avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil are mainly comprised of Long Chain Triglycerides or LCT. But scientists had found good fats in coconut oil called Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCT that have many health benefits. MCT are rapidly digested and absorbed by the body making them a fast energy source. And science seems unweary in unraveling the goodness of MCT oil from weight loss to brain fuel to fighting diseases. And the list of benefits goes on and on and on.

But we know that NOT ALL Coconut MCT oils are created equal.

Move by end to make a difference

While they belong to a class, MCT are of different types, properties and functions. Coconut oil boosts with 4 MCT called Caproic Acid, Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid and Lauric Acid. Because of its unpleasant taste and smell, Caproic is typically removed during the production. Caprylic and Capric go straight to the liver and are easily digested and absorbed by the body. However, Lauric behaves more like an LCT in terms of its slow digestion and absorption.

With these and more in mind, we extracted only the more premium quantity of MCT—The CAPRYLIC ACID—which is only about 7% in coconut oil. Caprylic or C8 is the most efficient MCT Oil in terms of quick, sustained and longer energy for brain and body, increased focus and productivity, healthy immune system, among other benefits it is now known for. It is found to have the highest net ketogenic effect or the ability to burn fat and calories because it is 3X more ketogenic than Capric and about 6X more ketogenic than Lauric.

And we lived with our end to make a difference. Now we are confident that we can serve everyone a super supplement designed to meet the rigors of life, the active lifestyle, and even the simplicity of life with ENJOY HEALTH COCONUT PURE C8 MCT OIL. Enjoy Health is pure Caprylic, unquestionably MCT by all standards, totally in its finest form, chemical free, sustainably sourced, and carefully produced. It remains liquid at homey temperature, is odorless and flavorless, and is guaranteed to be highly nutritious.

Nature indeed surprises us with never-ending miracles and wonders. But we believe that our story should be written in a manner that is consistent with the finest gift, our life that is.